Frequently Asked Questions

Question: “Can I sign up at the events?”

Answer: Yes, please be sure to check the event details for times. Please sign up early to save time and money! The entry price is higher at the events.

Question: “Do you offer package deals?”

Answer: Yes, we are offering discounts on package deals. Click here for pricing

Question: “Is radio communication required?”

Answer: No, but highly recommended! If you do have radios, please be sure to tell them at registration. At the driver’s meeting they will give out the frequency channel for each trail ride.

Question: “How long are the rides?”

Answer: The trail rides are between 40-100 miles.

Question: “Do I need to pack a lunch?”

Answer: Most events you will pack a lunch, snacks, and drinks. There are certain events that we do stop at a restaurant for lunch. Please check the event for ride details including lunch stops.

Question: “Is there camping available?”

Answer: Yes, however some events camping is free and sometimes there is a fee. Some events it is only dry camping and others it may be full hookups. Please be sure to check the event details on camping.

Question: “What is the free cornhole tournament?”

Answer: Cornhole is free for all UTV participants in the event. You can sign up Saturday after the rides. Please check the event details for signup and game times! We encourage everyone to play! 

Question: “Do I need extra fuel?”

Answer: Make sure you have a full tank prior to leaving on the rides. It is highly recommended you carry extra fuel, but not required. 

Question: “What if I have passengers? Do we need everyone to fill out a separate registration form?”

Answer: No, however each passenger must be listed on the driver’s registration form and present at registration to sign the waiver and the registration form. (Under the age of 18 a minor release is required).

Question: “What is Quick Draw Poker”

Answer: Each event will have a quick draw poker game in which participants may purchase one or more hands to play poker. Saturday evening after the rides, poker hands will be turned in to the poker official. Please check the event details for times. The quick draw poker winner will be announced after dinner.

Question: “What Charity do the proceeds from quick draw poker benefit?”

Answer: At this time, the proceeds from quick draw poker will go to Phoenix Children’s Hospital.

Question: “Can I buy raffle tickets at the event?”

Answer: All participants in the event may purchase raffle tickets before the raffle. Please check the event details for the time of the raffle, which is typically after Saturday dinner.

Question: “Is there food included in the entry fee?”

Answer: Yes, food is included, if purchasing a weekend package. Included in the weekend package are two breakfasts, and one dinner (Jamboree is different). At some events you can buy food, however there may be times this is not an option due to limited quantities. Plan ahead and sign up online!

Question: “Will the UTV’s need to be “street legal” for these events?”

Answer: “No but you must follow Arizona State Laws and have OHV decals”

Be sure to have your license, registration and OHV decal available at all times. If you do not have your OHV decals, you can purchase online at or any MVD.

Question: “We are new UTV owners/riders, would we enjoy participating in this event?”

Answer: Of course! Safety first – don’t ride beyond your comfort level. More importantly you will make lifelong friends and want to return annually. No person is left behind, there will be a leader and tailgunner/sweep rider following to make sure everyone gets back safe.

Question: “Are sport quads and dirt bikes welcome to ride this event?”

Answer: Yes, but they need to meet the legal requirements to ride in Arizona; such as a forest-approved spark arrestor. This goes for all ATVs, not just the sport quad riders.

Question: “Are helmets or other protective gear required?”

Answer: Not for side by sides, but yes for quads and dirt bikes. Although we highly recommend it even in your side by side for your safety, we follow the State of Arizona laws.

Anyone under the age of 18 MUST have helmet even in the UTVs.

Motorcycle goggles or a full-face shield must be worn to protect against eye injuries from flying debris. They reduce dust which irritates the eyes and impairs vision. Get high-quality lenses, clear or tinted. (We recommend wearing long pants, long sleeve shirts, goggles, boots that protect the ankles & gloves).

Question: “Can I ride my UTV/ATV in town?”

Answer: Yes, please be aware that you will be able to ride your UTV/ATV around town. That means that during the event you can do your grocery shopping on your UTV, you can ride to the restaurants on your UTV, fill up your UTV at the gas stations, and just explore the towns on your UTV. But you must be street legal to ride on the Hwy and streets.

Question: “When is the night ride?”

Answer: It is on Friday nights and usually at 7 p.m. They range about 15-25 miles. This is a great time to show off your lighted whips. We do ask out of respect to the other participants that during the night ride you turn off your bright light bars.

Question: “My question is not listed here. Who should I ask?”

Answer: Please contact us at: or Call/Text 623-363-9665.